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SewFine Cabinets

One-Stop-Shop for Sewing Cabinets

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Each feature found in SewFine cabinets was designed and created with quality in mind. Find premium features such as a reliable German-engineered machine lift, maneuverable casters, thread storage inside drawers, and locking, easy-roll casters. Count on a top-notch sewing experience with SewFine in your sewing studio.

Fully Assembled

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All SewFine Cabinets are delivered straight to your home fully-assembled. We want to save you the stress and labor of having to assemble furniture, and help you get settled into your sewing room in no time.


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SewFine Cabinets offer many flexible options to get the most out of sewing space. Cabinets can be combined to expand to seamlessly expand the working surface, add storage, and have a customized sewing room.


Compact and Expandable

Each SewFine Cabinet is compact, fitting neatly into your sewing area, whether you have a dedicated sewing room or sew in the dining room. While taking up a small area, our cabinets are expandable, designed to create an enjoyable experience. With Sew Fine sewing cabinets, cutting projects, stitching them up and storing notions can all be done at one dedicated station, with leaf extensions to expand your work surface, and drawers to store it all.

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Form and Functionality

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Locking Casters

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SewFine sewing and storage cabinets come with sturdy locking casters pre-installed. Unlock the casters to move the cabinets around with ease. Once your SewFine cabinet is exactly where it needs to be, lock the casters so the cabinets stays in place as you cut, sew and create.


Thread Storage in Easy Glide Drawers

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Each cabinet with drawers has a bonus feature to make thread storage neater: a sliding thread shelf with dowels to hold thread upright, tangle free, and easy to access!


Leaf Extensions

Leaf extensions on SewFine cabinets make the most out of your sewing area. Easy to lift into position, the leafs have built-in support and double the working surface when it is most needed.


Machine Lift

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The German-engineered pneumatic machine lift is a state-of-the-art feature offering three positions for your sewing machine: free-arm, flat-bed and storage. Easily set your machine to the right height, and away you sew!


Finishes to Suit Your Style

SewFine Cabinets come in three finishes to suit your home: white, teak, or weathered oak. Each finish has a subtle wood-grain look and is easy to clean.